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Our Programs

School Curriculum
Emphasis on early year in foundation are in communication and language development, literacy, numeracy, expressive art and design physical development, PSED and ICT.

The Nigeria Curriculum is covered in all area within fusion of French, Uhrobo. The long-term aim is to prepare the children for the vibrant curium that they will experience in secondary school.
The core academic subjects are taught within an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum that encourages the children as independent thinkers, to embrace life-long learning.

Exercises of Practical Life are the first activities presented to the child. Most parents must have experienced that new toys that you buy are only a novelty for a while and then the child gets bored and may never play with that. Do you wonder why the child loses interest so quickly? Just like us, children also like doing purposeful work. Children are immediately drawn to activities such as washing hands, sweeping, pouring, carrying, fastening buttons etc.

These activities are familiar to them from home and they sense its use in their development. With these activities the child will learn to do things on their own (their strive for independence) and in turn will build their confidence. Also in this area we teach the child discipline to work, how to interact with others and how to respect the environment which is not only applicable in this setting but also in real life.

Our sensorial activities are given so that the child gets the opportunity that most of us didn’t get and that is to sharpen our senses. We know that we always wished that we had better understanding of sounds in music, which would have given us, confidence to sing or play an instrument. Read more
Music and Art Room
Music and Art is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped music and art rooms where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.

Children in Harmony Quest International School often have their first access to instrumental tuition in whole classes through our Wider Opportunities programmes (whole-class music lessons).
All our pupils have access to this programme. this, regular instrumental and singing tuition (peripatetic teaching) is available to all pupils on the following instruments: Read more
Students are entertained by arranging Cultural Day Celebration Open Day Graduation/Prize Giving Ceremony and End of Year Party. They also part in public lectures, seminars, musical entertainment, drama and debates which are educative excursions at moderate charges.

Our Motto

Quest for Excellence
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